"I am a ceramic/textile artist creating a range of ceramic objects resembling domestic tea ephemera. My pieces are playful and a contemporary reflection of a bygone age when tea parties and domestic decadence were everyday occurrences.

Inspiration comes from an era when time was taken to enjoy the social niceties of afternoon tea. The sourcing of found objects such as textiles and cutlery from junk shops and markets enable me to add layers of comfort, colour and nostalgic memories. Grandma’s linens, stripe’s and spots help create a range of embellished, decorative tea pottery.

‘Ceramics are handbuilt from slabs of clay, decorated with a range of coloured slips and text. Textiles are dyed stitched and printed before being padded and buttoned. Found objects are included to add a further dimension and to develop subtle recognition. These recycled items include vintage textiles, patterns, embroidery transfers and metal objects. Spoons are sometimes pierced before the addition of enamel paint and lasertran decals. Development of these often-neglected items allows them a new lease of life by adding them to my ceramics." Karen Shapley 2013

Karen gained a BA degree in Contemporary Crafts, with 1st class honours, from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2004. Since 2005, her distinctive and highly individualistic ceramics have been exhibited in group and solo shows throughout the UK.


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