Sunday, 10 July 2016

sun has set

and the world is cloaked in navy blue. It has been a hectic year with all the possible events one can imagine , weddings funeral , babies entering the world so work has taken a back seat whilst life whirls around me. A time to evolve and change, to explore new avenues and draw breathe. Being creative draws on a creative spirit that needs space and time to allow a story to  blossom and although I feel something is lurking in the background now is not the time and place for it to have the chance to grow. So I will share some images of treasures complete whilst life scoops me up in a minor whirl of family  demands...

all photos are of work completed for A Group gathering Currently on display at Unit Twelve

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

night has closed in..

and all is quiet except for the occasional patter of feet from the mice !! A wee while has past since I last sat down to write and what news unfolds. Daphne's Glove has been packed away but will be on unveiled  twice this year. Roll Up Roll Up has also been carefully wrapped awaiting the magic of the camera to capture their performance photographs. A quiet time  and a time for ponderance and reflection. Dreaming of new adventures and enjoying a chance to draw breath and allow the imagination some space. Family events and moving homes takes priority and so this year will be another beginning ...and maybe a new story !

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Good morning everyone.....

Well I have not written anything for quite a while, very remiss of me.Life has just taken over and things get missed. Bonfire night already the leaves are falling to the ground and a misty hint of burnt orange cloaks the fields, woods and lanes. I love this time of year the excitment of Christmas not far away a time for fairy lights and warm crackling fires, the smell of pine mingled with cinnamon and cakes baking in the oven. What have I been up to ...well Daphne's Glove kept me busy and  has now finished until the next venue, so rabbit is safely packed away her dressed protected in layers of soft tissue. Roll Up, Roll Up came next and now a whole feast of entertainment is on show at Brindley Arts Centre Runcorn. Elephants and juggling mice gilded cages and golden birds  delight the audience. A time now of quiet whilst cups and saucers, tea plates and pots  are conjured from the  pale cream clay. Christmas orders  are waiting and  I must get on its nice to be back and I hope you enjoy seeing ellie's with hats and  rabbits with crowns....

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Thursday morning......

the sun is shinning and its going to be a lovely day. Gosh time flies and its hard to keep everything updated. Its been so long since I wrote my blog, I never was a diary keeper ! March was my last entry and  things just  pootle along with lots of making in the studio getting work ready for exhibitions. Daphne's Glove project has come to a close and although I cant show you  any images of the whole thing a snippet should  help to give you a clue or two about the work involved. If you want to know more there is a blog called A Group gathering ... Daphne's Glove Project where you can see all the artists work and progress. the exhibition is in September so something to look forward to.  Summer show at St Ives is nearly ready  work just has to have the odd stitch or two and a teaspoon . The an adventure awaits with the next project due on show in October I have a plan and work in progress so that will keep me busy for a while !

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Early Saturday morning...

and the sun has just gone behind the clouds but  the light is brighter and the golden daffodils glow, pale yellow primroses sparkle in the morning air. Birds are a cheeping and twittering  with flurries of chasing and darting in the bushes whilstcollecting magpies gather twigs for home building. A joy is in the air that we have turned a corner and Spring is nearly officially here with Winter banished to the dark reaches for  a while. Sewing is progressing on Daphne's Glove project and you can follow us all as a small group of artists on the blog called "A Group Gathering". Clay is being turned into teapots and cups and saucers ready for the Summer Show at Porthminster Gallery. A busy time ahead with work in mind for The Brindley Art Centre in October but that is rushing ahead too fast and I yearn for things to be slow , to savour the change in seasons, the development of work because only by taking ones time can you learn and absorb what has gone right , what can be done better, what surprises have occurred and lead you down the next path in progression as a maker...

Mr Obediah in beech hut
mice on wheels


Sunday, 15 March 2015

Spring has arrived this....

Sunday morning the birds are fluttering and chasing one another in amongst the hedgerows, daffodils are beginning to burst forth and the blue sky is appearing from behind the grey curtains! A Sunday for gardening and enjoying birdsong, pale yellow primroses, cream Christmas roses. Boots are waiting by the back door and I cant wait to feel the chill wind in my hair and the warm sun occasionally  telling me Spring is here I will warm and cheer you as much as I can ! Tomorrow is a day for sewing and the project to take up my time is Daphne's glove  a rabbit has appeared to tell the tale she is just waiting her outfit which I confess to being quite excited about.  Photos of progress will be taken and I will share with you treasures found , stitches stitched wheels ready to be turned. Today a day of rest ( well resting the mind whilst I revel in the garden ) so I thought a quick catch up before I wrap myself up in scarf and boots  to say have a lovely Sunday wherever you are, maybe taking tea....

Sunday, 15 February 2015

a late Sunday

afternoon and all is quiet in the road.
Dusk is slowly settling as the sun didn't come out today. A day for playing catch up with everyday chores of household duties but whilst the house is quiet and dinner in the oven I thought you might enjoy a bit of this and that ! The week ahead is busy with glazing and firings of kiln, noses to be turned gold. Snowdrops and catkins bob in the breeze and Spring is mostly surely not far away. April brings A Group Gathering and Daphne's Glove to be stitched, a story to unfold and tales to tell.
Mean while work sits in the studio drying and trying to keep warm, heating has to be turned up as characters need drying if they are to become all shiny !