After lunch

bits and pieces

I am an avid collector of stuff, sometimes I cant explain why an item holds so much appeal it may be just its aged colour, the fold marks on a lovely old linen or the fact it has been made with love. Part of the exhibition at Form gallery was based on the idea of a cabinet of curiosities. It was a sample of things from my studio that I have collected that inspire me, some were so small I collaged them into their own boxed frames. I loved the photo of the little boy standing proudly beside a small boat, this eventually led to HMS Minniefred with Liza setting sail.

this jolly little chap was so sad when I found him at a local junk market he had no jumper so i made him a floral top and maybe he is in touch with his feminine side as he dons a bit of vintage bling! In the frame are three little ceramic pigs all are band members,  a musical trio. It appeals to my sense of the ridiculous objects that were made from ceramics,  just because they could. In the V&A they have a wonderful new ceramics case, all glass and I could spend hours gazing in wonder and drawing some of the crazy objects. I think they had great fun and pleasure in discovering all the things they could make from clay, I feel we have forgotten how to have such fun with things. Children never question why you can't or shouldn't make a teapot dinosaur they would just embrace the sheer joy of it.  That sheer joy is something I try and capture in the creation of these objects its not just the story they might inhabit but that letting go of adult seriousness.


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