day one

Today is the first day of my blog so hello to everyone! If you haven't seen my work already here is a quick introduction.

runaway mice

 The runaway mice were part of an exhibition I created for  Form Gallery Blaenavon in 2011. The exhibition was called Through the wardrobe with love from Noah it was the story of childhood and everything homemade, imagination  and allowing yourself to get lost in another world were crucial.  The mice  lived under the dresser, so why are they running away you ask?  Well Obediah the cat is up to his usual tricks fishing for mice with a lump of cheese. He sits in his beech hut awaiting a mouse to succumb  to temptation and take the bait!

these mice are tempted but maybe they just haven't grabbed their wheels to make a getaway!
I will post more later but its time for lunch..........


  1. Really like the mice. Maybe you should go into animation, they remind me of my childhood. wombles/clangers/magic roundabout etc.
    Great work.

  2. thanks mark really pleased you like the work


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