early monday................................

today its not so sunny a day of showers but at least the dahlias will like it! let me introduce you to little bird..

Little bird is perched on the top of the dresser from No Peas for Jane.  She has landed on a plinth ? a pot with handle ? or a branch ? Its referencing those crazy historic ceramics where palm trees can become vases. The top of the dresser is stitched with wool and the actual dresser wears a frock with buttons down the back.

have I shown you this already ? never mind I think the little cupboard works well. It was originally a bird box and they would put a male and female in the box close the door so that the birds could mate in private hence my love birds box!

to make up for showing you an image you hopefully have already seen here is a close up of a flower clock and some memory jugs. The jugs are filled with a fabric roll, all padded and stuffed.buttoned so it actually wont unroll. A pocket stitched on for cutlery. I have been asked why the jugs are full but I see my work as purely decorative , a 3D collage referencing all the things that inspire me. If we display a jug at home it usually gets filled with flowers so for me one of my jugs without the textiles is like half the story. It needs the textiles to tell the full story.


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