a few more bits and pieces

a few more bits and pieces

words appeal  to me , as a child I used to loose myself in story books. I loved Little Women always dreaming of being Jo, and The Lion the with and the wardrobe where just the idea of walking into a wardrobe and being transported to another world was magical. The Ladybird book all about Things to Make I can connect to as I consider myself a maker, and Penelope tapestry wool...

these little glass animals were another junk market find,  they relate to that idea of the ridiculousness of objects. There is an elephant, a dog, a giraffe and a kangaroo all made from glass, there was also a cat but she has gone to live on the mantel piece at a friends house. So what to do with them ? I created a little world for them to live in with a tapestry tree and blue fluffy clouds scudding across the sky, the little bird couldn't quite settle and has flown outside for a breathe of fresh air! maybe it was too crowded for her.

can you make out the photo at the top ? its a Victorian photo of a child sitting in a small cart being pulled by a goat. I liked the fact the proportions of the carriage were child size. Old photos are quite sad as they have often been discarded by family.  No one knows who the people are or what the occasion is anymore however it does allow you to be creative and conjure up your own story ....hence the creation of Yeehaa the donkey who thinks he is a wild west pony!


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