Thursday, 19 July 2012

nearly friday.............................

they promised better weather but somehow it didnt happen today! This week has been a busy week, lots of making in the studio and really that is where I feel I should be right now. It does you good though to take a breather and gather your thoughts. I have been tidying my textile room at home and trying to get things together for the new work. I have a little stack of suet pans ready for drilling and an old metal funnel...ummm intriguing I am just going to tempt you !!!!

Ok let me introduce you to Betty.
Betty is one of three sisters she was part of Through the wardrobe exhibition she stands on an old sewing box which was the starting point for the exhibition. I discovered in the junk market and old wooden sewing box , it is quite crudely made but never the less appealed to my sense of craft and homemade. The man on the market showed me that in actual fact there were three sewing boxes and all came from the same house. Each box was slightly different and he offered me all three at a job lot price. My first thought was why do I want three boxes and what am I going to do with them. Initially I thought I might fill them with bits and pieces for  friends as Christmas presents. I hummed and haa..d but there was something that tugged at my heart strings and so a deal was done and all three came home....

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