Tuesday, 3 July 2012

tuesday afternoon

tuesday afternoon

its is mixed weather today and the dog is waiting to go out so I shall be brief.....


i think maybe I should introduce you all to some previous work. This is a dresser I made for Through the Wardrobe exhibition at the Form Gallery. It was the second dresser I had made and  houses the ceramics I have made. these include allsorts of tea ephemera, from teacups to tea caddies and cake stand. they are all non functional and purely decorative way of telling a story. The jugs are filled with textiles that also have a pocket for essential cutlery. Teapots sometime give instructions for the making of a good cuppa. They all relate to a time when taking tea was a ritual a special event. There is a sign hanging from the bottom of the dresser which says chickens for sale. The chickens live underneath the dresser but are already  in a truck making a bid for freedom! but more of that later.........

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