where has the week gone ..........

i cant believe it is nearly Friday again. This week has been busy i have been making ceramics , visiting the junk market and now have builders working on the house so it is all good fun!

 this is Mr Obediah..he is a really grumpy haughty cat he lives in his beach hut and watches the world go by. Unfortunately when you are so haughty you do get teased and the mice take great delight in raiding Mr Obediah's food supplies ( especially cheese) and generally being a bit of a pest. Mr Obediah has yet to catch them but you could say its a game of cat and mouse!

this  is some of the work teapots Clock memory jugs that was also on display at the Form Gallery,  similar can be found at Porthminster Gallery St Ives. You can just about see the top of Mr Obediah's house


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