Monday, 6 August 2012

a quick bit of news

monday the beginning of a new week.......

today its still summer nice and sunny even though they said it was going to rain . I have been working in the studio all morning getting work ready for firing in the kiln. So I thought today I might just post some close up images from my textile room. These are all bits and pieces in my room that I keep for company , inspiration and to make me smile , I hope you enjoy them too .....

I always wanted a rag doll as a child ,but was given hard plastic dolls with jointed limbs. This little rag doll is very old and appealed to that child's desire for something soft and tactile

I have a pin board with lots of lovely rare pieces of fabric, also a dear friend gave me this cross stitch piece which has three budgies on it. I love birds out in the wild,  images of birds and little ceramic birds. I have a bit of a thing about budgies maybe because they are funny birds very colourful they seem unreal and appeal to that sense of fun and a bit crazy !

I have allsorts of bits and bobs hanging from the shelf.... pearls old plastic broaches and a lovely green plastic wool holder

and finally some lovely metal glove this space I will post more images and hope you enjoy them .....

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