its really time for sleep.......

however I am waiting for a lovely earl grey tea bread to finish cooking in the oven so thought i would add some more images of my studio where I make ceramics.


I have a bit of a thing about old clock faces, this is a lovely piece it has come from a clock that was like a little house. i still have the casing and this eventually will probably house a small animal or bird...

This came from a small paper bag cant remember now which shop but I love the image so it hangs on my wall , I can see her waving at me whenever I look up from my work and she makes me smile

Any space tends to be full of things here are the clock cases and one still in tact in front of the clocks are some old moulds from an old ceramics factory I love the simplicity of white objects they make pleasing shapes....maybe is because its time for sleep that I showed you the clocks , hurry up cake it smells yummy I'm off to check its ok .thanks for looking at my objects of interest..I'll let you know if the cake turns out ok!


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