late friday with clear blue skies.......................

its a lovely sunny warm evening and I have been loading and unloading kiln today so i think I need a five minute sit down.  I've been looking through my photos wondering what to show you today and a chair seemed appropriate since I am sitting down ! I shall introduce you to 'My lovely'

This chair was made for an exhibition at Unit twelve Jennifer Collier's gallery. The exhibition was all about aprons and called 'Ties that bind'. This chair is a child's chair and was found in a junk shop in Wales. It seemed to want to be purchased and when I was approached to do a piece for the exhibition the chair popped into my head. Because it is a child's chair it became  a reflection of childhood and the relationship between mother and child. The fabrics used are vintage children's fabrics, an old woolen baby gown becomes the main part of the apron, the 'frock' on the chair is full of references to children's clothes.The apron is hooked and tied onto the chair referencing the phrase 'tied to a mothers apron' the actual apron is stuffed and padded almost as if its a child sitting. The piece was called 'My Lovely' a reference to Wales and the man I bought the chair off but also I think its a lovely poetic phrase that you would like to call a child.


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