late tuesday afternoon before a cup of tea............

its been a very blustery day today with lovely bright sunshine than black/blue clouds full of rain.Lola is waiting for her walk but as its spitting with water from the sky i decided to add some more images for you to peruse..

this is Elsie and her home sweet home stage, she is joined by her pet dog and an escaped chicken......

this is the set up for the 'through the wardrobe ' exhibition I know you have sen it in the window on the previous blog but I love the way the fairy lights sparkle almost giving it a fairground appeal. and lets face it Yee ha is always up for a performance if he can steal the limelight!!

Here is Lotta she is mostly ceramic but to enable her to express herself she has fabric arms stuffed and wired she looks rather pensive I think and could quite easily be the middle sister..

Oh I must dash the storm clouds are leaving and a rainbow has appeared. Lola and I will run up the hill to find a pot of gold!!!


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