off out for a walk in a minute..........

today it is cool but not windy and its a reasonably clear sky so in a minute me and Lola are off for our afternoon walk. I need it ! I have been eating too many yummy puddings and my new daughter in law made me a lovely walnut and apple birthday cake. Just the right sort of flavour for this time of year.
Work has gone out to Jennifer Collier's Unit twelve and I shall be there at the preview next Saturday ( 3rd of November). I hope the sheep enjoy being on show and that Liza doesn't get scared and try and steer the boat to a quiet place! I shall have to get back into the studio and start the next venture but before I do I thought you might enjoy a couple of more images from my studio.

lovely budgie cross stitch found by a friend for me

A cute little old felt bunny obviously made from a pattern

my lovely little rag doll sitting in her arm chair looking out
ok its time I went out for a walk Lola is about to eat my slippers ! enjoy and I'll be back soon so keep looking


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