a golden leaf day............................. .........

today I walked my dog Lola and marveled at the beautiful bronze beach trees. The world seems a golden place today with fabulous shades of yellow and orange. Its not sunny but a breezy grey blanket sky but as I walked I felt enveloped in a snow storm of golden leaves, the colours really glowed. I love our British climate I am a sort of English rose girl, I don't mind cold and frosty it just means you put on an extra woolly and big chunky scarf. The shades of autumn in the countryside are something to be delight the soul, I stand on a hill and imagine what colour paints I would mix. One day when I can no longer make I shall be a painter  curled up in tweeds and fair isle, sitting painting the ever changing colours,  in the meantime I shall show you a rabbit!

first rabbit

sitting in an armchair

The top half is ceramic , her arms are padded and stuffed attached with buttons,  her base is firm and upholstered.She wears her rosette with pride!
Whilst in the summer house I took a few more photos of the characters that amuse , inspire and keep me company......

glass bambi and felt rabbit

zebra lacking eyes and bambi rescued from...

cute old rabbity with glass bambi


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