a Horlicks sort of morning.....................................

I have just come in from walking Lola and since it is a cold autumn morning I think it deserves a Horlicks to warm the bones!I am about to start sewing altering a blouse for the Opening tomorrow at Unit twelve. I am going to take a collar off a shirt and create a new peter pan collar in a floral fabric if it works I shall photograph and show you all . Anyway whilst sipping my Horlicks I thought I would add a couple of characters to my blog.

little dog and ceramic tree


home in time for tea
These characters were my first foray into the animal world. They became part of Through The Wardrobe exhibition at Form gallery ( sadly no longer operational). Home in time for Tea is a Hare and he tends to get side tracked so to appease his wife he has bought her a bunch of flowers! Little blue dog is just that a little blue dog and sits quite happily beside a tree. Syd is just a cutey and now sits on  a shelf at home surrounded by a wooden horse and a felt dog.
I have fingers crossed that everyone likes HMS Minifred and the sheep this week end. Next week I think my ceramics studio needs a clean before rolling more clay and starting  on my new characters but where they will go as yet I am unsure !


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