before I go for a walk..................

so its late afternoon and the sun is going down. I feel its going to be cold outside. The snow is glistening white and sparkly and  Lola is itching for a walk but its a bit soon . My mind has turned to up dating you on the latest news. While the sun shone I took some precarious photos in the garden. Precarious as my animals are not quite finished and ceramic tops are not attached to the bases which have wheels. I took a risk as these characters are ready for the cold , they have scarves, fur stoles and woolly muffs to keep them cosy. I am so excited as they are hopefully going to an exhibition at Shire Hall Gallery in the Autumn. I have been invited to exhibit in the Craft Space of the Gallery. Its quite large and already my head is buzzing with ideas, a story as yet untold....

squirrel with fur stole

squirrel close up
a rather superior owl

and lastly I have almost finished my samples to go to Paris

not quite finished this one
ok I shall now get ready to go donning big boots and chunky scarf see you soon


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