early wednesday morning................

Lola is eagerly awaiting her first walk of the day so I have to be brief. The snow has finally all gone and I think as far as the birds are concerned Spring is definetly on its way. The pigeon landed in the wisteria this morning cooing his heart out , I hope he has a nest again this year. I noticed my tulips are coming out and its on a morning like this that you feel  a spot of gardening would be lovely, however work is beckoning too. This morning a deer needs his body sewing his antlers are all made  so he is one his way. That brings me to this mornings photographs , remember I mentioned Hendy's Homestore in Hastings,  well here are a couple more photos from that store, beautiful shop,,,,,


lovely antlers on wall

vintage rocking horse

felt slippers
I hope you enjoy this little bit of inspiration now I really must take Lola for a walk and whilst I walk I will daydream of deer and woods and birds singing .....


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