just before I light the fire........

its now dark and I am just going to light the fire before crumpets for tea so I thought i would share a couple of more interesting photos with you. as i mentioned in my previous post we had a holiday before Christmas in Rye a really lovely old town. A trip to Hastings Old Town was full of interesting , inspirational places such as Hendy's Homestore (as now featured in Selvedge). The store window was magical,  in each bay window stood a doll's house surrounded by chunky Christmas trees with no decoration. It was like a scene from 'The Lion the witch and the wardrobe' ( a favourite book of mine). The store itself is a feast of loveliness, if you like utilitarian kitchen stuff, think old china sinks,  enamel ware, lace and wooden walls. Fires were burning in the fire places with the occasional puff of smoke that didn't get sucked up the chimney perfuming the room. Apples resting on the mantelpiece took me back to New England if you are ever down that way please seek this shop out it is a delight and the charming staff allow you to take photographs.....hence these tow images for your delight

some old photographs at Hendy's Homestore

old child's chair with slippers
aren't they wonderful ? Ok must go light the fire . I have re-made a jumper into a cardigan with the use of blanket stitch and additional detailing on a collar so i will photograph those for you next week. Next week will be busy I must get back to work and start on my first squirrel. they came out of the kiln before Christmas so are ready for their textiles ..I will keep you posted.
Night night...


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