I saw primroses today..................

Lola and I went for our constitutional this morning and the snow has all but gone, just pockets in hollow spaces lie white. The birds are singing with delight as Spring is definetly around the corner and as I wandered along   I came across a lovely bank with a small but delightful perfusion of pale yellow primroses. It was lovely to see such hints of Spring with lovely sunshine  however i want to soak up the Winter woodland as in there lies the story of my animals.
Last Tuesday was market day and I discovered the most lovely piece of furniture for my exhibition. Unfortunately I have no where to store it so had to leave behind. Since then a dear friend has come to the rescue and has offered storage facilities so I am going to go to town and hope it is still for sale. I did purchase some lovely textiles for my work and have duly taken some photos for you....

beautiful old leather gloves

these are so small

linen tea towels and luxury gloves


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