back to sewing.....................

Back from a walk and its now lovely and sunny I am about to start sewing. Animals are progressing nicely so I thought I would share some images of work in progress. I have constructed the deers antlers out of wire and then stitched a dyed cashmere jumper to it, it reminds me of a deers antlers when they have a furry surface. He is quite proud of his antlers as they are quite large so nothing to a be ashamed of !! The base of the deer is upholstered and stuffed so very firm giving him plenty of support. I then cover it with old vintage scraps of fabric sewing into them, they almost evolve into costumes or certainly have elements of costume.  i then have to decide if they are having fur stoles , shrugs or scarves but it really depends on the rest of the figure. Occasionally darning occurs if holes appear, but that all adds to the richness of the figure. They are not meant to be perfectly dressed but almost  as if they have gathered scraps of fabric to clothe themselves occasionally having caught them on brambles whilst foraging in the woodland.



deers antlers

deers outfit taking shape

all fabrics in place and starting to stitch


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