trees are springing with pale yellow buds....

and all around the woodland where I walk Lola there is a haze of something about to happen. Today is beautiful a bit cold but brilliant blue sky and sunshine it is delightful . The birds were also sharing in the lovely day by singing their hearts out and fluttering flirtatiously around the canopy of the wood. I know its Monday but I have been busy sewing and tomorrow I will be too occupied to write to you all, so I thought you might enjoy a quick snippet of trees in progress. These photos show fabrics and sewing until eventually the canopy of the tree evolves. the base is still a work in progress so it will be a few days until complete.

fabrics laid out before stitching

almost there sewn and stitched

needle still at work

close up
so now its back to needle and thread to start on who next I so depends on who appeals and which fabrics I decide i would love to work with today. Keep watching and later this week who knows what will come out from the undergrowth or fly down from the tall branches


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