today as you may know is market day......


and as such is my day for unusual finds.It started on my walk first thing this morning, I saw a flash of black and white on the ground in the wood where I walk Lola. On closer inspection I discovered a magpie. Lola was promptly put on her lead otherwise I would have never seen the magpie again! I discovered a beautiful bird who had obviously died of natural causes. His body unblemished  I know to some you will find me odd but I bought him home. I have photographed him and admired his most wonderful feathers. I have looked and studied him with great respect for such a beautiful creature,but some of his iridescent feathers may be used in my work. Some may be squeamish but nature is harsh and practical. So I have treated with care and will bury with respect but will also hope to pay homage to such a fabulous bird .

white breasted magpie

gorgeous wing feathers
It always makes me so sad to see wild animals dead or killed by car on the roadside. I feel by bringing him home we can only marvel as his beauty. 
On a much lighter note I also went briefly to the market and even though the weather was so cold I found some lovely old fur collars. These will be cut up and added to various woodland creatures. I also bought the most lovely white kid leather gloves. The leather is so soft and shall be used for collars and cuffs also maybe ears for rabbits.

alsorts of fur collars

beautiful kid leather gloves
I hope I havent put anyone off but if you lived in a woodland anything would be used and recycled. My animals would scurry around utilising anything they found nothing going to waste. Hence I challenge myself to not be squeamish and to embrace the love of nature and its very use in my work..


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