Good Friday,faded blue cotton cloudy sky...

the snow is still heaped high against black wood hedges, the clouds scud across blue sky birds chirp against the cold and spring tries to cheer the soul on this Good Friday. I went to Manchester textile fair a few weeks ago so thought this Easter day I would share with you some delicious samples of the bits I purchased. I enjoy the stacking of objects be it linens or china so have tried to create collages of fabrics piled high pillows of lusciousness ready to inspire. The child's dress are hand stitched with the most wonderful detail, french knots hand stitched edges and linen line buttons. Patches of colour and stains resemble age marks and paintings I am loathed to wash away the signs of age to me they are beautiful paintings telling a history. The objects I collect can be utilitarian, domestic the everyday world we inhabit. Old objects like enamel funnels are simple and beautiful their chips add detail and history.

old linen dress

pocket detail with spoon and bird

domestic items and bird broach
Have a lovely Easter day today where ever you are enjoy the small details around you savour simple things more bits of inspiration to come next week i will take my camera into the studio so watch this space..............


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