early morning frosty encrusted leaves.......

are glistening outside and I know I must wrap up warm with two wooly scarves to take Lola to meet her friend Tucker and disturb the peace around the still waters of the lake. Grebes and mallard beware the dogs are coming and although not allowed to chase the birds their noisy antics do wake up the inhabitants !! However before I do I thought some ghostly images of creatures in my studio would be of interest. I have been busy with clay and now have a few creatures sitting drying waiting for the kiln and their first firing. At this stage they go from feeling like they are alive to pretty lifeless . Once dry I find them frozen like Mr Tumnus in "The lion the witch and the wardrobe"  a visit from the wicked Ice Queen has rendered them still and immovable.  I  cant wait to get them fired then glazed where they once again become alive and vibrant. Its then that I begin to get excited about what fabrics to use , how they will be dressed whether they need woolly stools or elaborate fur ruffs...

little squirel just been made!

three squirrels wondering what happens next !

Emmeline watches the production with quizical gaze  


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