I am positive there is a sitting dog cloud floating past the window................

as I write this  today. Its a real April showers sort of day with blue sky fluffy clouds and hailstorm showers. I unloaded kiln yesterday and everything is sitting drying after there bath in a concoction to make the details stand out. They now have to dry before glazing and firing then lustre firing for their gold noses and beaks.  There is another batch of work drying and going in the kiln on  Monday so its  a very hectic time. I took my camera into the studio and took some images of the kiln as I opened it and then my characters sitting on a trolley drying. It is hard at this point to pick out any colours and they still look a bit lifeless positively stunned by all the treatments they have to endure !! so the photographs are black and white , its not until the glaze firing that you begin to see colours and real texture.

first glance inside kiln

close up

bottom shelf

drying after their treatment !!
Any cups and saucers you may see are off to Porthminster Gallery and Jesscia Muir Gallery in June , the animals will be at Shire Hall Gallery in September. I hope you enjoy seeing the process and I will keep you up to date on the characters progress as they get dressed and come to life


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