powder blue sky and green sprouting leaves.....

in the garden today convince one that spring is definately here. The daffodils have burst in citrus yellow glory and blue pulminaria are putting on a show. I have just had the most fabulous weekend visiting London.The weather was glorious and people were out enjoying the warm weather.  A trip down to Columbia Road was truly yummy with lots to see but more of that later. Today I have been busy back in the studio making my new Empire birds, they are small and well you will see when I get the first one out of the kiln in a few weeks time I will start on their construction. Now back at home I have spent the rest of the day getting duckie finished ( well almost ) the sewing is nearly done so next comes gluing in place. Before that I thought whilst the sun shone I would take a couple of quick snaps as she was rather pleased with having her arms sewed on ! She has yet to discover her mode of transport and the fact that she has the most important role of postie hence the arrival of duck post !!

duckie sitting on the garden wall

sitting on garden wall without flower in the way !

I am sure she is puzzled as to why I sat her on an upturned bucket !!!

close up of shawl


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