American blue skies and birds singing.....

and it makes one feel so happy. You can just begin to feel its almost Summer and most definately Spring. When taking Lola for a walk I have been watching the birds in the woods and saw a fly catcher and a nuthatch the other day. Its so joyous to see these small creatures bobbing in and out of hedges and as the leaves aren't out yet you can get a clear view if you stand and watch. I think I like to watch as its so relaxing when loading kilns and glazing , juggling time schedules gets quite frantic ! Because everything is being fired at the moment I have been quite neglectful I do apologise. So whilst waiting for kiln to cool down I thought i would find something to show you . A mouse on wheels ready to escape the evil clutches of Mr Obediah the cat and three rabbits awaiting their frocks and stoles ready for Winter !

old red wheels

wondering when they get to join the others

pretty enough to be on her own !


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