a magpie bobbing about on the chimney........

across the road, behind him dark blue grey clouds  roll in  and I realise I haven't kept you up to date with work. I am counting down the weeks to Shire Hall Gallery so every minute counts. I now have 31 large creatures  all over the house. They have been stitched and glued to every last bit now and are just waiting to show off. As temperature with our glorious summer stoats and badgers were not happy to be wrapped in woollen muffs and fur stoles. But dark nights are drawing in and a crisp feel to the morning air heralds a change in season. Blackberries ripen in the hedgerows and rabbits gather their baskets ready to harvest.

I have taken a few photos of my smaller Empire creatures although they were in the process of having outfits sewn and rabbit has not got his crown when I  exposed him to the viewfinder maybe he'll forgive me as he looks quite handsome !

Empire rabbit

but I have no crown!

two small Empire birds awaiting wheels

have you taken my best side she wondered


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