whilst waiting for paint to dry.........

I thought I'd share some of the latest characters all ready and waiting. They are  all gathered together on the table itching to get out on show, buttons polished medals on show there is a jostling for position as they are rather cramped . You can almost her the 'me first ' as they clammer together ! I am busy painting the furniture for the show, gathering together all the strands ready to display. A booklet is at the printers also postcards and I have been sourcing the packaging so that people who cant take home a character can at least take home a token. Small swatches of fabric will fill little glassiene bags inside the booklet  a textile persons dream of fabrics to touch, feel and smell.  I only use old , worn beautiful fabrics some of which can be dated back to Victorian times so  every scrap adds value and memories to each piece.

all gathered together

I just need wheels

I have the largest antlers !

Ticking striped rabbit


  1. This all sounds very exciting and the creatures look wonderful! Good luck with the exhibition x


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