a cold grey September day..............

a day to be indoors  with woolly cardigan and winter tartan skirt. , after such a hectic few months working so hard its now time to sort and sew a few everyday things. Like my characters I love upcycled clothes made from cotton, wool with the odd splash of tweed and as the summer sun has disappeared a few woolly things are being stitched. I thought you might like to see a few close up details. ceramic buttons, fur collars and little pockets all enhance each character. My work is all about the detail, anyone who sees them will know it takes along time to look at each one as they each contain a story...

reindeer has curly fur ruff and gold lustre buttons

close up of scallop edged pocket with hand dyed linen

ermin tailed military badge with hand stitched ruffle
all these details can be seen on characters at Shire Hall Gallery. Please fill the comments book in at the gallery so characters go go on a journey and visit new and exciting galleries...


  1. I am so inspired to see your work and that of others who are reviving hand sewing, not that it's ever been completely dead, but high tech seemed to have pushed it to the shadows. I've tended to feel a little backwards because I prefer a needle in my hand to the sewing machine. Not any more. I'm going to actually get to work on some critters that have been lurking in my brain for years. Thanks so much for sharing your creations.

  2. Dear Marilee
    I am thrilled that my work has inspired you to break out the needle and thread and be creative. I think it is very fulfilling and certainly important that these skills are not lost. I have been working solid for the last eight months towards this exhibition so its wonderful when I get such lovely feedback thank you


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