a crisp blue sky and golden sunshine........

today is a day for blackberry picking and gardening , however an exhibition needs to be prepared so a spot of painting in the garden then I must get the bubble wrap out and pack. As you can see it is all a bit precarious on my dining room table. If my cat bought a mouse in (as she is want to do alive and kicking) then all hell might break loose, as mouse chased by dog, watched expertly by cat who is probably trying to teach dog how to catch mice!  As I pack I shall photograph as some of my creatures hoepfully will not be coming home after the exhibition. They shall sally forth into the world into uncharted waters! So just for  now here are the first two to be wrapped. little gondoliering rabbit deciding the black feathers were to precarious a mode of transport and the pink arms too girlie. We removed the wings and eventually settled on a natty knitting needle to push herself along once I have turned the handle and got her started......

more to come later....


  1. Great article in the Embroidery magazine...find your work very fascinating!
    Do you teach and if so are you interested in teaching in Australia in 2015 for Fibre Arts Australia?
    Please email me, Glenys mail@fibrearts.net.au
    Would love to hear from you.


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