dimpled grey sky ......

and just a quick hello before I go with Lola for our afternoon preamble. The kiln is on getting toastie hot, so fingers crossed everything comes out ok. I now have a facebook book page for Karen Shapley artist with lots of snippets of information on this and that. I hope if you look you like and enjoy reading my bits of news.....


  1. Hi Karen,

    When Marilyn Stephens sent me your link this morning I snorted coffee out of my nose. If I say I adore everything you do and I am going to be your new stalker, you'll know it's a compliment, right?
    The vintage fabric and small scaps of childhood stuff speak dirtectly to me and my view of life. The softness of the cloth with the new ceramic.. anyway, I've liked yo and added your blog to my list and I wish you had workshops so I could come.



  2. Hi there Grr+dog
    What a lovely compliment to wake upto this Sunday morning. I have a big exhibition on in Stafford at the moment at Shire Hall Gallery . Its on until the 27th October I am sure you would love it if you saw it ! I am delighted you are following my blog and I shall endeavor to keep working and provide more moments of delight.
    best wishes


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