final day of setting up..........

at Shire Hall Gallery Stafford. That's it all set up , I cant believe after months and months of preparation and hard work all characters are in place they know what they have to do, cupboard is in place. Everything has gone according to plan and all looks good. Tomorrow is the first day of the show 'Follow the line to the ha ha and beyond" as seen in Embroidery Magazine, I will be there to  sip cups of tea and natter to guests and an appreciative public ! If you can make it your are most welcome come and say hello. To tempt you I have taken a few more images of the complete show , so take a peek and I hope you enjoy....


 little gondolier rabbit always happens to get in the photo! look forward to seeing you there


  1. Absolute l y love your choice of colour you've painted the furniture, your critters look beautiful standing there, x

    1. thank you for such lovely comments Lemonade kitty


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