having a rest today.....

it was a busy day yesterday and I think everyone who came enjoyed the work. No one had escaped overnight and a good performance was given. Today Shire Hall Gallery is only open in the afternoon being Sunday so its a half day of rest for characters and a full day for me ! A few more photo's for those who cant make it to the show but like what you see and the stories being told..

little empire bird being chivied along by  rather bossy bird!

with bucket in hand little stoat is all set.....

little empire rabbit standing proud!


  1. Hi I found your lovely blog through Viv at hens teeth and I ve been reading through your lovely posts. I love all your critters, you dress them so well are they for sale please? Xx P S yesterday I wasn't able to leave a comment but today I can!!

  2. Thank you lemonade kitty, its great to have such positive feedback.


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