misty morning with dewy cobwebs......

 make one realise the season is changing, however the sun has burst through the morning mist and today looks like its going to be a beautiful day. I have my head down working and although will be painting outside the rest of the time needle and thread in hand it will be stitch stitch and snip with the scissors! Only 10 days to go and things are coming together fast. Booklets are produced postcards packaged  and today  the postman delivered a magazine called Embroidery. I have been in this magazine before a long time ago when I first finished my degree, it has been one of my ambitions to have a feature in the magazine. Success the lovely editor Jo hall thought my work suitable and after further consultation decided an article would interest her readers. To my great delight not only has she produced a fabulous article about my work but featured it on the front cover so I am thrilled. Its just what I need to get me to the end of this huge  project. I thought I would share so have taken photos (although the sun shone and you cant see it all  whoops!). 

now back to work because everything has to be finished and carefully wrapped in bubble wrap. I will take a few more images before they go to Stafford next week keep watching!


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