over the misty mountains to home......

this morning and back from my little adventure. The scenery was beautiful and atmospheric with leaves changing from yellow to orange hinting at golden autumn days to come. The exhibition has been at Shire Hall Gallery for a week now, I cant believe how time has flown by, definately a spot of house keeping needing to be done after a week of frantic activity. My lovely pink stoat has broom at the ready to brush away any bits and pieces  and low behold gondolier rabbit if she zooms across with muddy wheels ! I have some visitors  traveling to see the exhibition so will be popping in on Saturday to make sure they have all behaved and life is continuing in an orderly fashion. I have four very superior owls there, each with instructions to ensure the best of decorum is displayed to all visitors. Please let me know if you have anything other than a well behaved show of excellence !!
PS any noteworthy behaviour can be left in the comments book which situated on the other side of the gallery!

with broom at the ready !

ticking stripes and winsiette

piles of old kid gloves make paws and little mittens
pps not sure how to spell winsiette but its such a lovely word its that old fashioned brushed cotton


  1. Thank you lemonade kitty they need to keep out the chilly winds!

  2. Wish I lived nearer would have loved to visit your exhibition Karen, hope it goes well and that everyone is well behaved!

  3. So far so good Jayne, the owls have strict instructions to keep an eye out for any unruly behaviour!! and visitors have been asked to leave comments in the comments book. I am hoping another gallery will allow me to take over for a while so watch this space. Thank you for your lovely comments by the way.


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