charcoal grey clouds scudding across the sky....

as i sit here at he computer pondering the week ahead. Follow the Line to the ha ha and beyond finishes today at Shire hall gallery Stafford. I cant believe six weeks have passed since all my characters went on show to tell their tale. Now most will be coming home whilst some venture out into the world inhabiting new environments. Lush green valley's and urban landscapes will be their new homes , so I have bid a fond farewell and hope they bring a ray of sunshine to peoples lives.
what comes next who knows so watch this space or my facebook page to find out. There is rumours of winter displays and Lost and Found has popped up to hopefully appear at Unit twelve.
So today I thought I might just post a few memorable images of the  characters who came to live in Stafford for a while

me setting up at the photographic studio a favourite image on my facebook page as you get a sense of scale


  1. Karen! I have just found your blog and FB. I love your little "community" of friends and I expect you will enjoy having them around for a while. Hopefully, they will continue their "Ambassadorship" of good will and head out and make More people smile! Laura

  2. Oh...and...I have to ask who your Lola is? I have an Airedale names Lola!

  3. Hi hastypearl
    what lovely comments to come home to. Its always a bit sad to end an exhibition you have worked so hard for so you have made me smile thank you. Yes my characters will be waiting their next outing and I hope that isnt to far off. Lola is a King Charles cross we think she is placid and adorable but loves squirrels. I got her from Second Chance Rescue near Derby and she is a gem.
    Please share with friends my work and FB page, I am trying hard to get noticed in amongst a wealth of creative people ! keep watching best wishes karen


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