golden leaves glistening with rain......

what a very wet Monday morning. After a lovely sojourn in Normandie France I am back to start work. Today its a piece for Unit twelve open art exhibition. May have a flavour of France just watch this space! One week and all my little characters will be coming home to roost they have been excellent and entertained lots of people during their stay at Shire Hall Gallery. Just need to sort out where they are going to next .... one or two ideas but again its a case of wait and see.  Oh my the rain has stopped just like that as if someone has turned off the tape , its still pretty glummy and grey definately a day to stay inside and stitch and sew. Thought you might like these photos a lovely lovely card of Mark Hearld this owl sits in my ceramic studio I love the texture and detail he creates it reminds me of my owls so here are photos of the Admiral last February in the snow in the garden.......

 the lovely Mark Hearld's owl card

owl in the snow

almost but not quite finished


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