puddles and dripping trees dotted this mornings stroll....

however the sun is battling with grey clouds to dry up all the rain!  Thought I would tell you the story of Mr Obediah and the mice today. Mr Obediah was a cat who lived in a beach hut (actually he still does). He spends his time snoozing  and fishing. He fishes for the mice that live underneath his beach hut and uses large lumps of cheese (actually paisley fabric stuffed cheesey triangles). The mice are very cunning and have devised  wheels to make quick gettaways. They are quite dapper mice with smart ties. All in all life is a big game for these characters and all enjoy the thrill of the chase and I promise no one ever gets hurt!!!

out in the garden

the beach hut

 mice on wheels

resisting cheese


  1. I love those little "mices" on wheels with pretty pink ears and that beach hut is to die for!! xx

    1. thank you so much lemonade Kitty...always wanted a beach hut !


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