not a cloud in the sky....

and beautiful blue sky, just like the lovely kingfisher I saw this morning whilst walking Lola. Everything was out and about today because the fine morning suited the squirrels collecting acorns and the buzzard hunting  shhh mice ! Poor mice I don't think he catches too many really! Today good news My work has been selected in the Open Art exhibition at Unit Twelve run by the lovely Jennifer Collier. The story is a short one as its for just one character and this time instead of an animal its a lady. Its called " Lost and Found"  and as you can see she is pushing a perambulator ( no not baking tin!) full of found dogs. Its her mission to rescue these lost souls that have been abandoned, discarded from family homes where they were once treasures and give them a new role in life. She will be traveling to Unit Twelve on the 21st November ready for display on the 5th December so please take a peek and say hello to her if you go....

"Lost and Found"

dogs in perambulater
 padded handle


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