pink tinged grey clouds cover the blue sky....

and I wonder if the sun will come out today. The weather is such a big part of my life as I take Lola for a walk I ponder the garments to be worn, be it mackintosh or tweed and woollies. I relish my moments out walking allowing my mind to wander, rest a while or conjure new creations. Today is a day for golloshers as the ground is wet but I think I can get away with a skirt and warm winter coat, may not even need mittens! Sewing sewing sewing of a tall Christmas tree for a window display has been pre-occupying my mind at present and as soon as I get good weather and the tree is nearly done I shall post some images and set the scene for you. Meantime, Lola is patiently waiting and so i shall show you photos of details and duck post as she flies past in her transport...

duck post zooming past

side view of transport

collar detail


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