the sound of crackling of logs ....

in the fire and a warm cup of tea are much required after such a cold damp walk. The nights are dark and all birds and animals tucked up away from the whizzes and bangs of the brilliant coloured fireworks. Today was a day for staying inside with needle and thread in hand,however packaging and boxes need to be sorted.  A trip to my ceramics studio then onto the flea market which provided one or two little nuggets that might inspire. The camera is not working so i am afraid  that will have to wait for another day.  Whilst I take a break from ceramics I am still busy with needle and thread creating things to wear. I am a fan of recycling and love to find little gems that can be embellished and added to to create something new. At the moment it is a cardi from a cashmere jumper that someone has shrunk in the wash , once finished I shall show you but you must keep it secret because it is a friends Christmas present! So I have rifled through my photos and just thought you might like a selection of bits and pieces from buzzards drawing pencils to bits and pieces I have collected.. I hope you enjoy... and you remain watching my progress for who knows where the path I follow will lead

pencils packed ready for drawing

bits and bobs found and collected

 a lovely retro bow broach

a snippet of loveliness


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