Christmas comes but once a year ...

in The Gallery Leek! I have just finished a Christmas window display. Sewing like a busy bee to create a lampshade Christmas tree all decked out in hand made bunting , baubles and old glass buttons. Characters vied for a place in the scene, they are nothing but exhibitionists ! A reindeer pulls Lizzie across the Winter landscape in HMS Minifred, George the dog hides around the trees waiting for squirrels to appear but this time no squirrels or rabbits just the ever watchful eye of a wise old owl ensuring decorum prevails ! Mice scurry around reveling in the excitment and  little gondoliering rabbit joins the fray trying to help create the story of three sailing ships but alas only two can fit this window! Yee ha the donkey ( who thinks he is a wild west pony) gets in on the act squeezing himself into the smallest of gaps he peers through hoping to get noticed. If you go to visit, give him a wave  such a small donkey but bags of character !

busy arranging everyone !

close of Christmas tree

a mouse  making mischief!

a night time scene


  1. Love the window, especially the little mouse.

  2. thank you Jacqui, there are three mice one on wheels ready for chasing around !!!

  3. I cant wait to catch up with you karen, and I love that window, I did a rather mad easter one last year, with lots of hares a leaping, but I am loving yours ! heres to a super 2014 for us both and to lots of tea and cake and giggles xxxxx

  4. Best xmas window display ever ... down with commercialism and up with unique!

  5. Just found your lovely creations via Ted and Bunny, the deer is great. I love the mix of fabric and ceramics.


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