A chilly wind blows....

and i am still cold from this mornings excursion to the local junk market! A warm mug of hot chocolate at my side I thought it was about time I sat and write some news. I am  still thrilled and excited to  be in Pretty Nostalgic Issue number 11 and although only a small snippet non the less still very exciting. I have been working at the studio and some characters are taking shape, although it is slow as I have also had to take down the Winter Wonderland display that was on in Leek over Christmas( see previous posts if you missed this !). Mice, rabbits and reindeer have been packed away, much to their disgust, as they are rather showy creatures who love nothing more than entertaining! They may be a little put out when some new characters appear to steal the limelight!
I was pondering on this cold day what to show you ...but when work is in progress not much seems to happen. The story is waiting to evolve, the venue found and characters to appear, it's almost like writers block and worrying that nothing is going to happen or take shape. A germ of an idea is, however there in my mind and I just have not to worry but allow things to take its course and time will reveal it to me. Once that happens there is no stopping as ideas flow, characters appear from the mist and objects need to be sourced. Today therefore was just an exploratory day. A day to wander round the junk market talk to all the stall holders who travel to our little town from miles away. Treasures to be discovered and relished and today was a good day. A few boxes of very old cloth buttons. Probably some of the earliest buttons made.  metal frames covered in fabric with a fabric back ready to be sewn on garments. they are lovely all in their original boxes.  next a bag of old ribbons, velvets,  gros grains and lace followed swiftly by a lovely orangey Penelope Tapestry and an old papier mache box. Finally a little bird flower vase, I have had a earning to collect these little bird flower vases after seeing a collection in a magazine that was full of little spring flowers. This bird is number one! So now you may wonder what I do with these lovely objects well apart from photograph them for you, I let the colours get under my skin, play with arranging them, think about them and just generally observe them. I love the history of the objects , the patina of age so no washing ! Occasionally I even like the smell of old fabric slightly musty, I enjoy marks and creases, faded areas all these are mark making and resemble life to wash all these out would be sacrilege. The old cardboard of the boxes will be kept , the packet of unopened buttons left closed. It is a delight in itself one wonders where it has been , who held it last. Edmund De Waal described this feeling as being given a responsibility and I do feel like that a reverence to the things I collect a need to pass them on but with due consideration... maybe they will be part of the next story


  1. lovely post! I am with you on the subject of the scent of old textiles! Liz

    1. Hi Vintage Bazaar,
      Thank you Liz Nice to know one is alone !

  2. Karen, this was a lovely post. I too, understand the collecting addiction. I believe your bird is Royal Copely. I will FB message you some picture of mine, and you will see the similarities! I've just finished reading your 2012 posts, and now I am reading your contemporary posts! I'm hoping you will eventually send a pic of your dog, Lola, if you still have her. I have a Lola...too! An Airedale :) have a great day...Laura

  3. Hi Laura
    I have just written a reply click on a button and it has disappeared so I shall satrt again! Yes I have my Lola she is a sweetie, her parentage questionable as she is part King Charles spaniel and something else !!! She is so lovely we dont mention the something else !!! She came from a rescue centre not to far away and has been a joy since her arrival. She only has one flaw and that is greed she will eat ANYTHING &EVERYTHING so her waistline needs watching ! There was a photo on facebook but I am sure people wont mind seeing her again!


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