Its now dark and the fire is lit....

a cup of tea awaits, but I need to share exciting news. Cloth eared rabbit is featuring on the "Curiosities" page of "Pretty Nostalgic magazine" . She is so excited as so far it has all been about Owl and reindeers, they have been hard to upstage but at last with the help of Catherine Dineley's photographs she has succeeded!! For all those new to my page welcome I am delighted you are reading this and I hope look at other posts to discover what else i get up to ! 


  1. Beautiful, is that a thimble with stitched piece on it for a bucket - marvelous. xox

  2. Hi Corrine. Its not a thimble my animals are quite large some over 2 feet ! the little pail is actually an small old baking tin for very small cakes ! and it is an old enamel brooch attached to it....hinting at bucket and spade , souvenir

  3. Just love this, cloth earred rabbit.

    1. Thank you Jacqui, I do to hence she hasnt left home ! Some pieces have a story to them as you are making them and you become a bit too attached !


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