drifting clouds crossing...

the saphire blue sky and every so often a warm  glow from the Spring sun brightens the garden primroses. At this point in time everything is in process and nothing finished, shrews, rabbits, mice and teapots adorn the shelves in the studio, whilst at home crochet lies waiting to be stitched into blossoming flowers and little houses stand pondering their possible inhabitants of wooden animals. Whilst all this goes on maybe you would like to see working studio and splashes of textiles and colour. Clay colours do not shine till firing and glazing complete so everything seems grey, so be patient and look beyond the colour to shape and form. Gaze into corners and see what you can spot lurking in the gloom of the studio ! Then relish in the final outcomes of glaze and finish, stitched and sewn details  glowing.  The clock is ticking so now I must go......


  1. A glimpse into your studio, made me smile...... so colourful. Loved the clock!
    Jacqui x

  2. Hi Karen - I've found you! I've been off Facebook and so have lost touch. I love the photos here. We're just putting our house together again after the building work, and your jug has taken its normal place back on the shelf in the kitchen once again. Lots of love Elaine


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