Sleet is falling

from the sky as I sit here for five minutes and write to you. At the moment it's a time of making and inspiration, collecting oddments and finds to enthrall and captivate. They lead me down a path to another place of wondrous things and stories I want to share. I have had a few good finds recently from the market and various places and collecting them together felt a little ray of Spring I ought to share . I am always on the look out for anything that captures my eye and heart. I never know what it is going to be and don't go looking for specific items just keep an open mind. I always know it when I see it, sometimes I don't know if it is part of my work or just an inspirational object unloved by some treasured by me and stored on a shelf with the others! They sit and wait , watching intently pondering their future . It may be just to keep me company on days when I need something to make me smile or become a part of something new and wondrous.  There are a few things beginning to evolve but at such early stages I am not sure where I am heading,I have an inkling and will share with you as soon as ..... In the meantime I will share my little bits that comfort and bring joy..

I just fell in love with this poodle pulling a truck filled with flowers !

I know some have seen this before but it just felt right...

I have a love of these coronation mugs

a splash of colour

my lovely elephant...


  1. Looks like you found some great finds. I had a great weekend haul, myself! Posted on FB. The Fun is in the hunt :) Lovely clothing fragment creation...Laura

    1. Thank you Hasty pearl , the fun is in waiting to se what will turn up and so exciting when you realise is just what you were looking for !


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