a frothy clouded sky....

ideal for a potter down the windy path to a secret world beyond.  My little garden is a magical world  of paths and summer house with primroses, forget me nots and climbing clematis. A cottage I do not live in but my garden has a feel of an old secret garden with watering cans a plenty and allsorts of enamel bowls and buckets catching raindrops and sheltering a lonely frog or two. A beautiful dogwood tree is a perfusion of creamy loveliness and takes me to America from time to time. the path widens and you step inside to white china belfast sinks and wooden cupboards with painted shelves  storing a multitude of china and bits and bobs.  I thought today you may enjoy a walk down my garden and take a peek into all the things I keep around me. A veritable feast of colour and objects that make me smile and  provide my world with solace. Revel in the blue and polka dots , gaze at the menagerie of cups and teapots piled high, be dazzled by bright coloured pansies sitting pretty on the wall. These are my treasures that I have collected and lived with for a long time. Occasionally a new find just has to come and snuggle into a small gap making it part of the collection. Maybe you to will love the riot of colour and the oddness of it all ....I hope so!

and finally horses galloping Tally ho  follow swiftly by my tea pot !


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