Its late in the evening

and I feel I have neglected my story , however life has been very, very hectic. The studio is full to bursting as work comes to fruition for the Summer season. Shrews, rabbits and other creatures jostle for position amongst the teapots, jam pots and cups and saucers. Spring has arrived and everything in the garden is bursting forth and it feels like everything is happening all at once ! Collections of lovely fabric are waiting in bags and boxes for characters to appear and await their outfits, I have  a feeling of urgency to get characters fired with little gold nose to be able to dress and embellish and see them come to life. So as all is hanging in  the balance I shall find a collection of images to keep you entertained a mix of clay drying, stitch and detail  enjoy...

bird  drying and waiting patiently

characters  jostling for position !


over the hill and far away

Empire rabbit


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